Make Your Trip Magical by Planning Wine Tours in Italy

8Wine tours in Italy could be the perfect outlet to enable you to sample the fruits of these historic vineyards.

If you are considering an overseas vacation that includes tasting experiences, explore your options to ensure that you include the best venues in your itinerary.


Tuscany offers plentiful options for sampling regional favorites. The rolling hills and lush landscapes of the Tuscan vineyards boast a variety of different wines, including reds, whites, and even dessert varieties. Within Tuscany, you will find various regions worth a closer look.

* Chianti vineyards fill the Chianti region with mile after mile of breathtaking vineyards located on steep slopes. You’ll also see enthralling medieval castles and abbeys as you travel these ancient routes. Take a day trip along the Chiantigiana to experience the unparalleled beauty of the country’s back roads. Wineries you won’t want to miss include:

1. Castello di Verrazano
2. Villa Vignamaggio
3. Castello di Monsanto
4. Badia a Passignano

* San Gimignano vineyards sit quietly within the Tuscan town of the same name. Part of this town’s appeal includes ancient stone towers, long since abandoned when the original city faltered financially. Currently, the town of San Gimignano plays host to tourists who drop in to visit the plethora of pastures surrounding the area. Find these wineries in the area:

1. Sovestro in Poggio
2. Villa Cusona – Tenute Guicciardini Strozzi
3. Castello Montauto

* Explore the Montepulciano acreage in this Tuscan hilltop town. The vineyards of Montepulciano are legendary for the hearty red wines they produce. As you wander through this area, you’ll find friendly storefronts offering free wine samples, as well as other treats such as meats, cheeses, and breads produced from local farms. Add these vineyards to your itinerary:

1. Poderi Boscarelli
2. Villa Sant’ Anna
3. Bindella

Southern Italy

If you venture into southern areas for wine tours in Italy, you won’t regret it. These regions include the islands of Sardinia and Sicily. You can even hop a ferry between islands. You will find a generous sampling of wineries waiting to show you their wares by advance appointment. These vineyards are so large that you cannot schedule more than two tours each day.

* On the Island of Sardinia, a distinct culture has developed to produce a special product. Four different areas on the island are actively producing, including Nuoro, Cagliari, Sassari, and Osteriano. Visit these wineries:

1. Azienda Vinicola Attilio Contini
2. Cantina Iosto Puddu
3. Gabbas Giuseppe

* On the Island of Sicily, your tasting can take a sweet turn with the sampling of a variety of dessert wines. Dessert wines need a higher grape concentration to produce these robust flavors. Sicily’s high-altitude vineyards receive bountiful sunlight to produce an unparalleled richness. Add these destinations to your list:

1. Val di Noto
2. Terre Sicane
3. Marsala Terre d’Occidente

To ensure the best vacation possible, take the time to plan wine tours in Italy carefully. Some destinations require prior reservations and others will welcome you on a drop-in basis. Scheduling your stops will allow you to make the most of your time in this verdant environment.